How do you feel?

Depression makes it tough to enjoy life. There is so much in life to be depressed about. Science of Salvation gives us hope…


Naturally Supernatural
I believe it helps if we realize what we already have is miraculous our birth our ability to communicate. Before you have those miraculous miracles appreciate that science does not explain our existence it only describes it. Science is big on formulas that if you do this you will get this result. Miracles sometimes work like this but not always. It’s a matter of time frames.*

God lives eternally and so we have forever. So just play with the miracles you have even if that miracle is just finger painting, drinking juice through a straw or creating a better computer. “Be still, and know that I am God!
My biological father didn’t believe in a merciful God he said because he saw innocent children suffer death in time of war. Why doesn’t God intervene?

I prayed for an answer to his question and received an answer that works very well for me because I know a little about computer science. Maybe it will help you too with no further to do:

“God created the binary code when he split the darkness with the light. He created the genetic code that becomes you and me in his game of life and death. Then he created this character our opponent the advisory and evil enemy the devil. He entered the game himself as his own son Jesus Christ to show us how to win the game. He gave us this clue: we must be reborn of the spirit of love and the living water. Pleasure and pain, fame and shame, loss and gain are all apart of the game.”
This also made it easy for me to understand Jesus when he commanded us to love our enemies. Enemies are just opponents that makes the game interesting. Love is our magic wand that vanishes the delusions perpetrated on us by the enemy. The living water I believe is the filtrate of the blood Christ gave us or in other words the plasma. It will wash away the more persistent delusions. Are you ready to power up? God speed my brothers and sisters ; )

Intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic transformation from mortal to immortal, in the supernatural world.

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